So it looks like I’m down to 124lbs, which is the lowest I’ve been in a year, I’m quite happy with myself but I wanted to be 119lbs for christmas. I’m going to have to be strict on myself over xmas and reign it in, in the new year so the weight doesn’t creep on. I have been really good the past 2 days, considering I’ve had to make banoffee pie and sweet treats for everyone AND I’ve been left in the house alone while Jason is at work too but I’ve managed to tame the beast on those occasions! YEAH!

I’d like to say a huge thank you and a merry merry MERRY christmas to the 32 of you that have followed my blog. I’ve always considered my thoughts and feelings to be insignificant and unworthy to be heard but the more I blog, I feel like I’m finding a voice for my inner person. I have never openly admitted to my eating disorder or talked about it in this way before so it’s such a big deal to me to ‘type’ on a forum like this.

Thank you all for caring, you make me feel half-normal.